Value Added, Foodservice Focused

Tyson Fresh Meats’ value added beef and pork solutions, including portion cut, seasoned and marinated, and sliced, diced and cubed, can help reduce time-intensive prep work and ensure consistency for your patrons.

Portion Cut Meats

Choosing portion cut meats from Tyson Fresh Meats can help give you time for what you do best — operating your business, interacting with patrons and curating the perfect menu.

With our portion cut programs, high-quality beef and pork arrive precut to serving size, which means less labor, reduced waste and predictable serving costs for you and your business.

Learn more about our Portion Cut Program.

Seasoned & Marinated Meats

Our seasoned and marinated beef and pork provide some of the best quality in the market, along with less back-of-house prepping and greater product consistency.

You can choose from a range of flavor blends or let us create a blend to fit your needs for high volume orders. You can trust in our production process, which undergoes regular monitoring and testing to ensure a safe product for patrons.

Learn more about our Seasoned & Marinated Program.

Sliced, Diced & Cubed Meats

These specialty cuts bypass the hassle and labor associated with back-of-house prep, which can improve food and team member safety. Other benefits of our pre-portioned and pre-packaged sliced, diced and cubed meats include reduced waste, longer shelf life and easier transport.

Learn more about Sliced, Diced & Cubed Meats.

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