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Not All Angus Is Created Equal

Chairman’s Reserve Platinum™ Angus Beef

Even as the restaurant industry has found itself upended in the last two years, several consistent foodservice trends have emerged when it comes to beef.

Recent data shows that customers are eating more steak, and quality and taste are the No. 1 reasons that diners choose beef over other proteins. The same survey also showed that diners perceive premium beef options as healthier and are willing to pay slightly to significantly more for premium beef.1

It also appears, based on industry reporting, that demand for upscale, specialized dining experiences remains strong.2

How can foodservice capitalize on these different, but connected, trends? By offering Chairman’s Reserve Platinum Angus Beef as a distinctive product, and by sharing the knowledge that not all Angus is created equal.

What it means to offer a better Angus

When we introduced this product, our focus was on providing top tier Angus beef that foodservice operations can depend on for consistency in quality and availability.

For distributors, it’s an offering that is higher quality than other Angus beef brands, which can provide a competitive advantage.

For chefs, serving Chairman’s Reserve Platinum Angus Beef is a way to give customers the value they want in their dining experiences.

36% of restaurant and foodservice customers said the “quality/taste” was their primary reason for ordering beef

When it comes to Angus beef, 1/3 is more than 2/3

To 40% of consumers, Angus signifies quality.3 However, foodservice professionals know that Angus is a designation that’s based on genetics, and that quality depends on USDA quality grading.

Chairman’s Reserve Platinum Angus Beef is in the upper 1/3 USDA Choice quality grade, compared to most Angus beef brands, which are at the USDA upper 2/3 Choice quality grade. That difference makes it a cut above other brands.

A pyramid displaying the hierarchy of USDA beef grades, with Chairman's Reserve Platinum® Angus Beef at the USDA Choice Moderate grade
As with all Chairman’s Reserve Meats, our Chairman’s Reserve Platinum Angus Beef is hand-selected for optimal marbling, color and firmness to ensure consistent unrivaled flavor.

You can count on it to have these attributes:

  • USDA upper 1/3 Choice quality grade
  • 100% Angus beef
  • Moderate00- Moderate100 marbling score
  • Fine to medium marbling texture
  • External fat limits of less than 1 inch
  • Grade A maturity

Benefits of offering Chairman’s Reserve Platinum Angus Beef

A frequently cited restaurant trend for 2022 is the rise of special occasion dining, which was gaining traction before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.3 Faced with rising food and gas prices, patrons expect memorable food and experiences when they choose to dine out.

Customers also want value, and they are willing to spend more for beef because they feel it is a higher quality protein.1

Of course, customer demand is just one consideration for foodservice operations. When you choose Chairman’s Reserve Platinum Angus Beef, your business can benefit from:

  • Opportunities for higher margins
  • Consistent product specification and back of the house yields
  • Consistent plate coverage and cost
  • Reliable quality to eliminate returns to the kitchen
  • Opportunities to differentiate your operation and build customer loyalty
  • Responsive service from the Tyson Fresh Meats Team
  • Exceptional support with product marketing and innovation

Solutions that can provide a competitive advantage

Foodservice professionals can count on Chairman’s Reserve Platinum Angus Beef for quality and consistency that can distinguish their operations in a competitive market.

And when you choose to offer it, you get the full backing and support of the Tyson Fresh Meats Team. They are the experts for dynamic sales support and unmatched customer service.

To learn more about Chairman’s Reserve Platinum Angus Beef, visit or contact your Tyson Fresh Meats sales representative.

1 Technomic 2020 Top 500 Chain Restaurant Report
3 Tyson Fresh Meats, Beef Consumer Monitor, August 2020

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