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4 Hot Tips to Make Takeout Guests Happy

The shift to off-premises dining is now a well-established habit for many foodservice guests. But that doesn’t mean they are satisfied with their takeout experiences.

According to Black Box Guest Intelligence, “Q2 2022 net sentiment for off-premises dining was negative across all segments.”

Full-service establishments were given a -12% net sentiment score. Contrast that with the net sentiment score for full-service in-person dining, which was 64 points higher.1

Black Box Guest Intelligence studied online reviews to dig into the reasons behind the negative sentiments around off-site dining and full-service restaurants. “Cold” was a term mentioned frequently, turning up in 8% of reviews for off-premises experiences but in only 3% of reviews from guests who dined on-site.

Hot Takes to Improve Takeout

The off-premises dining experience can also affect online reviews for full-service restaurants. According to Black Box Guest Intelligence’s research, on-premises food has a rating of 4.0, while the off-premises channel receives a 2.9 rating.1

Knowing how to keep takeout food hot can help restaurants stay in diners’ good graces. Here are four things to try.

According to Black Box Guest Intelligence’s research, on-premises food has a rating of 4.0, while the off-premises channel receives a 2.9 rating.

    1. Create a “great for takeout” designation on online menus. Larger cuts of meat hold heat longer. Try large cuts held in au jus or pork broth to keep meats in better condition. Beef cuts that hold heat well include round steak, eye round steak and boneless rump roast. For pork cuts, choose pork shoulder, boneless loin and butt roast.2 If you need other suggestions for beef and pork cuts, talk to your Tyson Fresh Meats sales representative.
    2. Update (or add to) your burger offerings. Diners know that burgers are a reliable takeout choice, but that doesn’t mean they want the same old sandwich. Experiment with muscle blends, like short rib and brisket, or meat and vegetable blends. Paired with new toppings and builds, new blends can bring excitement to your menu.
    3. Use versatile cuts to your advantage. Flexibility is essential for takeout menus, so choose dishes that allow you to use the same cut of beef and pork in different ways. Ground meat and lip-on ribeye are two great examples.2
    4. Be willing to make takeout-friendly adjustments. You may need to change up a recipe so it holds up better for pickup or delivery or to fit better in takeout packaging. Talk regularly with suppliers so that you know what to expect in terms of product pricing and availability. If you design special dishes around product availability, be sure to highlight them through your social media channels and online menus.3

More Ideas from the Beef & Pork Experts™

With takeout becoming essential to the lives of many Americans you can’t afford to make missteps. The Tyson Fresh Meats Foodservice Team is here to help with cut selection, takeout-friendly menu ideas and more.

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3 Midan: Challenges and Changes Facing Foodservice Operators, July 2022

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