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Solving the Prime Rib Problem

When colder months set in, so does the demand for hardier cuts of beef on the menu. Tried and true, well-marbled and juicy, it’s no surprise that Prime Rib reigns supreme at buffets and carving stations.

But with high demand comes limited supply. Because of this, operators can expect heightened prices and upcoming shortages.

It pays to be prepared to consider alternative cuts to satisfy customers’ cravings for warm, familiar comfort. Luckily, we have the perfect recommendations.

The Top Contenders: Strip Loin & Sirloin

Whether served up at buffets, carving stations or as a steak entrée, the Strip Loin and Sirloin are two “go-great-with-anything” cuts that work in a variety of settings. Here’s a look at why:

Flavor Forward

You can easily recreate nearly identical results of a ribeye with considerably less cost. The Strip Loin Roast already resembles Prime Rib’s flavor thanks to its proximity to the ribeye. Additionally, Strip Roast has no large pockets of fat, making it easier to trim. Make no mistake, being a leaner cut does not take away from the cuts’ bold, beefy flavor and rich, tender eating experience.

There’s a whole list of reasons to love the Sirloin Roast, too. For starters, Sirloin Roast takes in marination very well. It’s a simple step that makes for an amazingly even more tender eating experience.

Well-marbled with a rich character, Sirloin is best when aged to bring out a deep ribeye flavor. With the proper preparation and cook, it can easily rival Prime Rib for flavor and decadent texture at a fraction of the cost.


When it comes to watching your bottom line while never comprising on flavorful beef, Strip Loin and Sirloin are excellent alternatives for holiday party catering and banquet carving stations with more availability and a lower price point during the high-demand seasons.

Friendly on the Waistline

With 32% of people eating beef to add protein to their diet, there is ample opportunity to sub out the prime rib roast with leaner, heart-healthier cuts.1

For comparison, a 6 oz serving of Sirloin, Strip Loin and Prime Rib all contain 48 grams of protein. For the health-conscious consumer, that’s where the similarities end: Both alternatives fall far below Prime Rib in calorie and fat content.2

Efficiency You Can Count On

As previously mentioned, high demand for Ribeye results in a limited supply. Both Strip Loin and Sirloin have broader availability, so they command an attractive price point without ever sacrificing flavor or quality, looking out for your bottom dollar while still giving customers what they crave. Sounds pretty efficient to us.

Alternative Doesn’t Mean Settling

Choosing an alternative cut doesn’t mean you’re settling for the next best thing. Considering all the great attributes of the Strip Loin and Sirloin, it’s important to remember that these cuts are a choice all their own, not a “second best” choice to ribeye.

Both cuts offer a versatility and rich flavor profile that make them shine, not to mention something customers will crave time and time again

1 Technomic’s Beef and Pork Center of the Plate Report, 2019
2 https://www.beefitswhatsfordinner.com/cuts

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